The New Time and Space by John Potts (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015)

Prudence Gibson


The New Time and Space, by John Potts, boldly charts human perceptions of time and space through ancient civilisation, across indigenous cultures and religious practices, to myriad present day concepts of physical and virtual space. His study traces mythological interpretations of these ideas and maps the place of time/space in contemporary art and media communications. By considering early manifestations of the myths, philosophies and theories of time/space, Potts guides his reader towards the aggregated ways that human relationships with technology and media have altered the ontology of living in the anthropocentric world. The author is clearly alive to the ways that peers and Generation Y’s access information: by jumping onto their tablets and googling the artists and theorists discussed.  The book accordingly provides a wealth of bite-sized snippets that may be pursued by readers and/or students in their own time if their interest is piqued.

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