Closing Comments: a kindness that goes further

Alys Longley


my task here is to write a closing editorial piece

to write a closing editorial piece with a focus on how the thematics of radical kindness and performance








                                         r oss the articles collected here     in the process of doing this writing    i am thinking of the book i never knew what time it was by poet and art critic david antin1

and the idea of a non-proprietorial form of writing             an approach to writing that is light hearted         and thus could give permission for a light hearted kind of scholarship

            that is fused with the logics of performance making and crafting

as practices of creativity    imagination           and experimentation


(in the case of these comments            experimentation with writing itself as it merges with drawing, with colour, with light)


(and when i write light hearted            that is not to say taking its work lightly, but making space for forms of performance writing and scholarship that work with a light touch      engage buoyancy         make space for


b   r  e  a        t           h



radical kindness, performance-making, creativity, imagination, experimentation

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