Doing Things With Worlds: Philosophy Becomes Cosmography

Sara Baranzoni, Paolo Vignola, Jon McKenzie


The following are responses to comments and questions posed by Sara Baranzoni, Paolo Vignola and audience members following Jon McKenzie’s plenary multimedia presentation, “Cosmography, Storytelling, and Performance Design Thinking,” given at Cumulus Virtual Guayaquil: Arts imagining communities to come. Cumulus Association of Art and Design Education and Research, Universidad de las Artes del Ecuador (UArtes), 2021. You can find a link to the full presentation here: The presentation provides an engaging overview of McKenzie’s StudioLab work and the theoretical frameworks underlying it, including his earlier work in Perform or Else. The recording of the presentation is an essential companion to this issue, and we are grateful for the permission to make it available here for the issue’s readers.

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