No 16 (2021)

Performance and Radical Kindness

In the foreground a pair of hands sit in a lap. The background is made up of a tiled floor and tea-light candles

Still from El Cuerpo Partido (The Broken Body) (Dir. Paula Guzzanti & Martin Devek) 2020. Courtesy of Paula Guzzanti. See Documentary Screendance-making as a Practice of Kindness

Click through for Performance Paradigm 16, which investigates what it means to “do” radical kindness 

Edited by Emma Willis, Alys Longley and Victoria Wynne-Jones 

Articles: Sarah Burton, Miriam Haughton, Lisa Samuels, Erik Ehn, Astrid N. Korporaal, Daniel Johnston, Elena García-Martín, Katharine E. Low, Sue Mayo, Alys Longley, Paula Guzzanti, Renée Newman, Sarah Harper, Rea Dennis, Kate Hunter